Reiki: Choose Your Path Toward Relaxation and Healing 

Let’s face it these are incredibly stressful times for many of us. You are already aware that stress is the leading cause of most illness. These days especially, relaxation is not a luxury it is a necessity.

We all want to look our best. Your hair, makeup, nails, clothes all help you feel great on the outside. You deserve to feel just as good on the inside too. It’s easy to overlook what you might be feeling inside that shows up as anxiety, worry and fear. Negative thoughts and feelings can take a toll on you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Awareness is the first step to accepting them and releasing them.

Hello, my name is Marlena. Happy to meet you!

I am here with you and for you to help you reduce your stress level, relax, so you can release what no longer serves your best self. I believe the most beautiful woman is the one that is true to herself and smiles with her heart inside and out. It’s the perfect time to check in with your heart to see how you are really feeling. Take a break from the world, allow yourself some well-deserved time out to simply be.


I offer you three personalized services: each one designed to build upon the next. You decide which one is best at this moment for you. Let’s get started now, so you can feel better right away and feel great moving forward.

Reiki: Transform Your Stress to Relaxation I am a Certified Reiki Master.

Stressed? Anxious? Exhausted?

Consider this is your personal, private time for self-care and pampering! You remain fully clothes as this loving hands-off approach is delivered with focus and compassion over specific points of your body. See yourself emerging in a calm relaxed and rejuvenated state. Reiki will allow you to experience total relaxation of your mind and body. Over time, it will improve your health and enhance the quality of your life. When there are no words to ease your pain whether it is emotional, physical, or spiritual, there is Reiki.

Intuitive Guidance: Transform Your Fear to Faith I am a Certified Reiki Master/Intuitive Guide/Empath

Feeling lost, stuck or in need of clarity? Do you have regrets about the past? Are you anxious about your future? The only moment that really matters is NOW.

I combine the practice of Reiki with soul directed questions to align you with your internal compass, your intuition. Finding a healthy balance between your thoughts and emotions is possible when you understand the essential role you play in creating your own inner dialogue and personal happiness. I offer guidance and specific easy to implement tools you can incorporate into your daily life. I guide you to find the stillness within yourself so you can flow with life more easily. Your soul knows and wants what is best for you. Are you ready to listen?


Heart Healing: “The BrightSpot Way” The process I authored /created to overcome my own grief.

Are you in a time of transition, at a crisis or crossroad? Are you feeling broken hearted after loss?

If you are ready to move from heartache to happiness this process will help you transform your emotional suffering. We will create a sacred space for you to feel safe to share what is in your heart. I provide loving attention and deep listening for your full self-expression. Feeling is healing. This process can help you transform what I call a darkspot, into a spiritual gift, a brightspot. I will walk you through the simple five steps you can use any time to cope with life’s small annoyances as well as a major traumatic event. You will become the hero in your own life as you discover that the courage, strength, and resilience you need to triumph over any obstacle is within you.

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For more information, check out my website:  and my YouTube channel: the bright spot way to see who I am. Read just a few of the testimonials of the many people I have and continue to support.