Salt Therapy: What to Expect

Salt Therapy or Halotherapy is unique and natural approach for relieving the symptoms of respiratory complaints, dermatological issues and allergies. We love that we have brought Salt Therapy to Scottsdale, Arizona and we hope to give you an idea about what to expect during your session.

First, please arrive 10-15 prior to your appointment time. This gives you the opportunity to complete our Salt Therapy form, use the restroom, get a robe (if you choose) and lock up your personal items that you may not want to get salty. Our staff will give you a tour of our spaside and get you bottled water. If you are new to salt therapy, we have brochures about the benefits of salt therapy, but our staff is also available and informative.

Our Salt Therapy is private - this means you do not have to share your experience with anyone else unless you want to, but we can accommodate up to 4 comfortably (again, if you choose). You will find the walls and floors of the room are covered in salt. It is, in fact, a SALT room. We recommend going in without shoes. Salt is antibacterial and antimicrobial and going in barefoot can draw out toxins, much like an Epsom Salt bath. You can comfortably leave your shoes right outside the salt room or in our lockers if you want spa shoes.

We give our clients the opportunity to choose to sit in comfortable zero gravity chairs or to lay down on a treatment bed depending on their needs. Our staff will get you settled and will close the door to the salt room with dim lighting and spa music. We usually keep our salt wall set to blue lighting to promote relaxation, but if you have another preference, please let our team know.

Private Salt Therapy RoomWe then turn on the salt generator for 30 minutes. The salt generator grinds up the salt and blows it into the room. There is a rhythm to the generator and you will hear when it has stopped. When you are ready, feel free to gather yourself and exit the salt room. If after 15 minutes, our staff may knock on the door gently to let you know that your session as ended. We have had people fall asleep since they are so relaxed.

You may notice a slight taste of salt on your lips and tongue and increased drainage or coughing after your first session. This is a natural part of the clearing process of the sinuses and respiratory system, much like a netti pot without the water. Salt on your clothing is easily brushed off. You should leave our salt room refreshed, relaxed and breathing easily.

If you ever have a question or concern, please notify us right away so we can help.