How Long Should You Wait Between Hair Color Appointments?

One question at our hair salon we hear frequently is “How long should I wait between hair color appointments?” As you know, any chemical process takes its toll on your hair and coloring is certainly no exception. At Millennium, we always recommend discussing the time between hair coloring appointments with a licensed hair stylist. Factors that your hair stylist will consider are the strength of your hair, the rate in which you show regrowth, the amount of gray hair, existing damage, and type of color service.

Recommended wait times between coloring or chemical services truly depends from person to person. 

Generally Speaking

Toner 4 Weeks

Highlights 6-8 Weeks

Bleach Retouch 4 Weeks

Color Retouch 4-6 Weeks

Balayage 8-10 Weeks

Four weeks is the minimal amount of time we generally suggest. If you are concerned about it doing damage, maybe six or seven weeks would be better. However, for people with stronger hair, five weeks should be completely enough time.

Hair breakage and split ends are two of the most common issues of coloring too frequently. Every time you color your hair, you basically rip off the outer layer and damage the hair shaft. As a result, your hair loses its shine and smoothness as well as becomes dry and brittle.

What Can Help

Go Deep. Giving your color treated hair a deep conditioning treatment every few days in order to recover from the damage you’ve done to your hair by coloring it.

Come to the Darkside. It’s always easier and less damaging to go darker than to go lighter. 

Just Roots. Stylist often give you a choice if you want your color to go to the the ends. By touching up only the roots, you are exposing your hair to less chemicals.

Semi-permanent Solution. If you plan to change tones often, try semi-permanent color. Then the color will gradually wash out, and the need for a schedule depends on you.

Ammonia Free. Ask for hair stylists that use ammonia-free hair color like Goldwell's Nectaya. Hair regains its natural smoothness, manageability and shine for an 
incredibly rejuvenated hair feel. Cindy Wade, AZ Foothills Magazine Best Hair Stylist Winner, uses Nectaya on her clients especially those concerned with their hair's integrity.
• Super nurturing care and gentleness during application
• Up to 100% grey coverage and natural, lively color results
• Caring cosmetic cream consistency, without ammonia
without ammonia-odor for maximum client comfort

Regardless of what works best for you, we always recommend leaving hair color to a professional - don’t do it yourself. What is worse than figuring out the time and money for regular service is the time and money for corrective color services. When in doubt, schedule a free consultation at 480-513-9733.